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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.
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2023 4 Allergology
Prilutskiy A.S., Lygina Yu.A., Tkachenko K.E.
Treatment of patients with atopic dermatitis and concomitant food allergy with permissive-elimination diet. Fulltext in PDF
2023 4 Immunodiagnosis
Tereshko D.L., Kulakov M.Ya., Ryabinina L.A., Novitskaya I.V.
Erythrocytes as biological carriers and their processing when constructing IHA diagnosticum for detecting melioidosis antibodies in serum. Fulltext in PDF
2023 4 Immunotherapy
Rebkovets D.A., Laziuk O.S., Aliakhnovich N.S.
Results of tocilizumab treatment in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Fulltext in PDF
2023 4 Infectology
Lazarev S.A., Mikhailova N.A.
Antimicrobial and enzymatic properties of Bacillus subtilis 3H and Bacillus subtilis 1719 probiotic strain metabolites. Fulltext in PDF
Burdienko T.O., Tsybikov N.N., Shapovalov K.G., Tereshkov P.P., Fefelova E.V.
Dynamics of platelet-leukocyte aggregates in patients with coronavirus infection, depending on the duration and severity of the disease. Fulltext in PDF
Yudina S.M., Kiseleva V.V., Rusanova T.S., Ivanova I.A.
A case of West Nile fever in the Kursk region of Russia. Fulltext in PDF
2023 4 Mycology
Prokopiev V.V., Karabasova .B., Kraft L.A., Kuklina N.V., Yurova V.A.
Biofilm formation by basidiomycete and ascomycete yeasts in the intestines under different temperature and oxygen conditions. Fulltext in PDF
2023 4 Experimental immunology
Zakharova Yu.V., Soboleva O.M., Otdushkina L.Yu., Levanova L.A.
Microbial mechanisms of regulation of the activity of nuclear transcription factor NF-kB1. Fulltext in PDF
Trizno E.V., Bednov I.A., Trizno M.N., Davydova D.R., Rstakyan A.R.
Immunity and hemostasis system indicators in age groups of laboratory rats during the use of cyclosporine A. Fulltext in PDF
2023 4 Clinical immunology
Ziamko V.Y., Dzyadzko A.M., Kanevalava N.U.
Influence of pharmacological agents inhibiting hyperimmune response on activity and morphometric indicators of liver function. Fulltext in PDF