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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.

Influence of Leuargunal on immune status and clinical periodontal parameters of the patients with chronic periodontitis

Volkova M.N., Yanchanka U.V., Chotetovskaya J.V.

Influence of immunomodulator Leuargunal on leucocytes subsets (CD3+, D4+, CD8+, CD16+56+, CD22+, CD25+, CD19+, CD95+, CD34+, CD38+, CD71+, CD69+, CD3+HLADR+, CD13+, CD14+) of blood and clinical periodontal parameters of 56 patients with chronic periodontitis were studied by randomized double blind placebo-controlled prospective metod. Leucocytes subsets of peripheral blood were investigated by flow cytometry. Significant differences in phenotypic composition of blood leucocytes of patients with chronic periodontitis having received Leuargunal therapy were revealed: increasing of relative counts CD16+56+ cells (P = 0,02), CD34+ (P = 0,023), CD3+HLADR+ cells (P = 0,006), relative and absolute counts D19+ cells (P = 0,026, P = 0,015), CD25+ cells (P = 0,01, P < 0,001), CD71+ (P = 0,002, P = 0,04), decreasing of relative and absolute counts CD14+ cells (P = 0,047, P = 0,026). Significant reliable (P < 0,001) reduction of indexes: SBI from 0,8 [0,4 0,7] to 0,33 [0,17 0,67] and 0,17 [0,16 0,66] and PI Russel from 2,08 [1,69 2,65] to 1,71 [1,22 2,3] and 1,5 [1,1 2,04] was determined in 3 and 6 months after finishing of Leuargunal immunotherapy.


Immunomodulator Leuargunal, chronic periodontitis, phenotype, leucocytes, lymphocytes, flow cytometry.

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Volkova M.N., Yanchanka U.V., Chotetovskaya J.V. Immunopathology, allergology, infectology 2011; 4:13-19