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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.

Phototherapy in the treatment of microbial eczema

Reztsova P.A., Kotrehova L.P., Vashkevich A.A., Raznatovsky K.I.

North-Western state medical University named after I. I. Mechnikov, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The science literature review about the pathogenesis of microbial eczema and usefulness of phototherapy in treatment of this dermatosis is presented. The historical information and up-to-date data about phototherapy and its role in treatment of the microbial eczema are provided. Nowadays phototherapy is widely used in dermatological practice. It is used in treatment of dermatoses caused by hyperproliferating processes (either benign, or malignant) and by mechanisms of allergy. As microbial eczema is a multifactorial disease, it needs to be treated with a complex of measures, considering the main pathogenetic features. It is important to use a direct antimicrobial effect and to potentiate the antimicrobial functions of macroorganism because of the pathogen-eliminating system insufficiency. Also, the central and local regulatory mechanisms play important roles. All these points of microbial eczema pathogenesis are important targets to phototherapy


Infectious eczema, phototherapy, immune system, T-lymphocytes, clinical recommendations

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Reztsova P.A., Kotrehova L.P., Vashkevich A.A., Raznatovsky K.I. Immunopathology, allergology, infectology 2019; 2:32-37. DOI: 10.14427/jipai.2019.2.32