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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.

Apoptosis markers in the evaluation of the effectiveness of diet therapy in infants with atopic dermatitis

Sentsova T.B., Revyakina V.A., Denisova S.N., Vorozhko I.V., Monosova O.Yu., Kirillova O.O., Timofeeva ..

Research Institute of Nutrition, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow
G.N.Speransky Municipal Childrens Clinical Hospital No 9, Moscow

Aim: To estimate the dynamics of soluble apoptosis markers in infants with atopic dermatitis for updating mechanisms of immunopathogenesis and improvement of diet therapy. Patients and methods: We observed 66 bottle-fed infants aged 1.5-12 months old (boys 47, girls 19) with atopic dermatitis (AD). The sensibilization to cow milk protein was revealed in all 66 infants. Detected allergen-specific IgG and IgE antibodies to cow milk protein, its fraction and goat milk protein were the reason to include infants into the 1st group and feed with hydrolyzed formula (27 infants). 39 infants in the 2nd group, who were not sensibilized to goat milk protein, were fed by goat milk-based formula. Serum levels of soluble apoptosis markers (sCD153, caspase-8, sFas-L, caspase-9 and annexin-5) were measured by immunoenzyme method (ELISA).
Results: The activation of signal apoptosis systems in infants with AD with increased levels of sFasL sCD153 was revealed. Levels of caspase-8 and caspase-9 were significantly lower than in control group, and reflected the impaired elimination of modified immmunocompetent cells. The level of annexin-5 was significantly lower in infants with AD than in control group. The estimation of the dynamics of investigated parameters during diet therapy showed significant increase of caspase-9 level in both groups. The level of caspase-8 was increased only in infants who were fed by goat milk formula. Levels of sFas-L, sCD153 and annexin-5 durind diet treatment did not differ significantly between groups.
Conclusion: The results showed that sCD153, caspase-8, sFas-L, caspase-9 and annexin-5 play a role in the realization of allergic inflammation in infants with AD. The diet therapy with goat milk formula promotes more physiological repair of the effectory component of the apoptosis.


Apoptosis markers, atopic dermatitis, infants.

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Sentsova T.B., Revyakina V.A., Denisova S.N., Vorozhko I.V., Monosova O.Yu., Kirillova O.O., Timofeeva .. Immunopathology, allergology, infectology 2013; 2:32-37. DOI: 10.14427/jipai.2013.2.32