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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.

Immunocorrective effect on the system of interferon-gamma meglumini acridonacetatis in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Pravada N.S.

Vitebsk State Medical University, Vitebsk, Belarus

Objective: To evaluate the effect of interferon inducer meglumini acridonacetatis on the performance of interferon-gamma in patients with common forms of pulmonary tuberculosis.
Material. The main group - 22 patients with common forms of pulmonary tuberculosis, which against the backdrop of the main anti-TB drug treatment, according to the regime of chemotherapy, received meglumini acridīnacetas tablets (600 mg 3 times a week (through 1 day) for 3 months). The control group - 29 patients with common forms of pulmonary tuberculosis treated with anti-TB drugs only under the regime of chemotherapy. The control group to determine the within the norms of immunological parameters, accounted for 20 conditionally healthy people.
Methods. Number of monocytes with receptors of interferon gamma determined by flow cytometry, and the concentration of interferon-gamma in serum by ELIS, we have identified iterferono monocyte-index. For data processing software used statistics 10.1.
Conclusion. It was found that the use in the treatment of meglumini acridīnacetas tablets in patients with common forms of pulmonary tuberculosis normalizes the number of monocyte receptors for interferon-gamma after 3 months of treatment and increases the concentration of IFN-γ in blood serum.


Monocytes bearing receptors of interferon gamma, interferon-gamma, meglumini acridīnacetas, tuberculosis

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Pravada N.S. Immunopathology, allergology, infectology 2015; 2:39-45