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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.

Candidiasis of large folds: new approach to an old problem

Sokolova T.V., Gazaryan O. L., Malyarchuk A.P.

Medical Institute of Postgraduate Education of Moscow State University of Food Production, Moscow

Results of the multicenter research executed by 174 doctors from 50 cities of the Russian Federation are given. Feature of the candidiasis of large folds (CLF) is the multifocal type of process. The disease often develops in parallel with the accompanying somatic pathology (58,4%). More often folds under mammary glands at women (78,3%), inguinal folds (53,5%), fold between buttocks (22,8%) and area of a groin and scrotum at men (34,3%) are involved in process. Quite often at the same time other skin sites (53,5%) and mucous membranes (68,3%) are involved. High efficiency of a sertaconazole at treatment of CLF is proved. Dependence on lasting of a disease, preliminary use of the external antifungal drugs, the accompanying somatic pathology, quantity of the centers of defeat on skin and mucous membranes and other factors is established.


Candidiasis, large folds, features of a current, multifocal process, treatment by sertaconazole, efficiency.

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Sokolova T.V., Gazaryan O. L., Malyarchuk A.P. Immunopathology, allergology, infectology 2014; 4:30-41