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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.

Age dynamic of specific sensitization in patienst with atopic dermatitis

Ilina N.G., Sergeeva I.G., Krinitsyna Yu.M., Denisov M.Yu.

1 Novosibirsk National Research University
2 Siberian RAMS Institute of regional pathology and pathomorphology, Novosibirsk

Specific sensitization characterizes increased serum level of IgE to different groups of allergens (food, dust, domestic and contact). Patterns of specific sensitization change with age of the patient. Spectrum of specific sensitization in our study determined environmental factors and the conditions of habitation. The aim of the study was to research character of specific sensitization in patients with atopic dermatitis.


Atopic dermatitis, specific sensitization, immunoglobulin E, specific immunoglobulin E

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Ilina N.G., Sergeeva I.G., Krinitsyna Yu.M., Denisov M.Yu. Immunopathology, allergology, infectology 2014; 3:51-56