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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.

Clinical value of the slowed-down and immediate allergy to metal inclusions in an oral cavity

Karpuk I.Yu.

Vitebsk State Medical University, Vitebsk, Belarus

The purpose. The analysis of results of diagnostics of an allergy to metals with use of patch tests, reactions of allergenindutsirovanny damage of leukocytes and a degranulation of corpulent cages and the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.
Material and methods. Patients with intolerance of metal products, with positive results of patch tests, to salts NiCl2 (n=20), CrCl3 (n=20), CoCl2 (n=20), CuCl2 (n=20) and patients without an allergy to metals (n=20) are surveyed.
Results. At patients with an allergy to metal products existence of clinically significant slowed-down and immediate mixed allergy to ions of metals on the basis of direct strong and moderate correlation of results of application tests (reaction of the slowed-down type) with in the vitro tests (IgE-antibodies and sensibilizirovanny granulocytes) is proved.
Direct correlation between results of identification of a sensitization to solutions of salts in patch tests and the in vitro methods is established: with reaction of allergenindutsirovanny damage of leukocytes: with NiCl2 (R=0,75; p=0,0001), with CrCl3 (R=0,79; p=0,002), with CoCl2 (R=0,9; p=0,00001), with CuCl2 (R=0,67; p=0,001); with reaction of a degranulyatsiya of corpulent cages: with NiCl2 (R=48; p=0,03), with CrCl3 (R=0,44; p=0,04), with CoCl2 (R=0,55; p=0,01); with results of the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay: with Ni2+ (R=0,45; p=0,04), with Cr3+ (R=0,49; p=0,02) and with Co2+ (R = 0,45; p=0,04).


Allergy, diagnostics, leukocytes, IgE-antibodies.

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Karpuk I.Yu. Immunopathology, allergology, infectology 2014; 2:34-42