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International journal of Immunopathology, allergology, infectology.

Efficiency autoserogistaminotherapy for fever

Siamionava I.V., Vykhrystenka L.R. Novikau D.K.

Vitebsk State Medical University

We examined 34 patients withhay fever (16 men and 18 women), which was held for the first time preseason intradermal autoserogistaminotherapy (ASGT). Symptoms of the disease was evaluated in a season prior to therapy and after ASGT. Clinical manifestations of rhinoconjunctivitis take into account the scale T5SS, quality of life - by questionnaire RQLQ, to the needs of patients in drugs - developed by taking into account the scal. Using ASGT has reduced manifestations of rhinoconjunctivitis of hay fever (p<0,001), asthma symptoms (<0,01), improved the quality of life of patients (p<0,001),significant correlation between these parameters (r =0,6, p<0,01). After ASGT patients decreased need for intranasal corticosteroids (p<0,05), decongestants (p<0,01), cromones (p<0,001). Conducted therapy was more effective in comparison with monopharmacotherapy.


Hay fever, autoserogistaminotherapy, rhinoconjunctivitis, quality of life,efficiency.

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Siamionava I.V., Vykhrystenka L.R. Novikau D.K. Immunopathology, allergology, infectology 2014; 2:9-18